G.Ivanova : The model of the For our children foundation is a standard for quality partnership between the business and the non-governmental sector

By 20.09.2019News

What motivates you to support Foundation “For our children” and the Evening of Virtues?


The team of The Smarts and I recognize ourselves in the values of the Foundation and we accept all of it causes for ours.  Evening of Virtues is one of the most important charity events in Bulgaria which concentrates a big amount of energy in the name of the good for the children and in the name of our future.  We are privileged to be part of this good doing. We do so by giving our creativity and help for popularization the causes of the Evening of Virtues with emotional breves.


What trends in the corporation social responsibility in Bulgaria do you observe?


Looking for meaningful causes for support is becoming more and more import for the socially responsible companies.  I believe that corporation social responsibility is developing right due to the non-governmental sector, which is seriously investing in the education of society and business. Due to these efforts we see more companies, which are looking for long-term connection, looking for causes which have the power to fully and persistently change certain sectors. I see more and more understanding on how necessary it is to long-term invest in the future.  Children as our biggest capital of this future are a very important focus for corporation social responsibility which is pleasing us and is giving us confidence that we are on the right path.


As a socially engaged leader what partners in the non-governmental sector are you looking for?


For me foundation “For our children” is a standard for quality partnership between business and the non-governmental sector. The opportunity for a long-term connection and result as well as the transparency of the investments are among the most important terms for good partnership. There is something else which is extremely important for us – the belief in the causes as well as the emotion and dedication which the partners invest in their making. That makes our work with the team of the Foundation exceptional.


Wish something to the upcoming 10th anniversary of the Evening of Virtues and share with us why is it important for it to exist.


Stay true to your causes ,to the children of Bulgaria and continue to make your small and big wonders every day. As your friends, we will always be by your side. On this 10th anniversary we wish you for the Evening to be the most successful by far so that many more children`s destinies will be changed for good!