Grandma Plamena’s willpower story

By 07.08.2020Blog

Grandma Plamena is the glue that holds her family together. She is a retiree with too many responsibilities for a person her age. After another consecutive challenge on her way, she came into contact with our foundation.

This is her story:


“My 22 years old daughter is a single mom of 3, pregnant with a girl. In the care of the children, she depends solely on me and my husband, who, unfortunately, lost his job during the pandemic. We two are the only ones working in the family. Few days prior to the birth of my granddaughter, Dalia, something unexpected happened – as one of the children imitated a cartoon dragon, the house got on fire. All things we prepared to help us welcoming the new family member, as well as everything else we had for the other 3 children, was lost in the fire. We can’t manage alone, please help us.”


We acted immediately and included the family in our “family support program” to ensure coverage of their basic needs, as well as to prevent them from giving the child for adoption. We provided the family with a trolley, clothes, pampers and other basic stuff. But the most important thing was to work for rebuilding the balance and recreating a happy family environment.


So we prepared a program oriented towards the psychological needs of the family – to support grandma Plamena with her difficulties and to ease the communication with her daughter, as well as to help the children process their emotions. We started working with her daughter, Dilyana, too, with the aim to increase her independence and understanding towards her responsibilities as a mother, to reduce the stress she was experiencing, which also has an influence on her children, and to increase her motivation to find and start a job as soon as possible.


Gradually, we work to improve both Dilyana and Grandma Plamena’s understanding towards the importance of the children growing up in a calm and harmonious family environment. We also spoke about the children’s need to reconnect and establish a healthy relationship with their father, despite Grandma Plamena’s disapproval.


Very often people think that material things are the only things they need, but often the emotional support is what makes them strong and united. As a result of our combined efforts and meetings that continue also today, the glue of the family, Grandma Plamena, is more confident, calm, and motivated to make the necessary change, which would bring peace, safety, and harmony for the children.


Thanks to our foundation’s support and covering the family’s basic needs, today they face these challenging times easier and even manage to cover part of their accumulated debt.