Hippotherapy in support of the children we work with

By 12.08.2020News

Two children, supported by us, start attending hippotherapy with the specialist Kamen Genchev. Each of them will go through 10 sessions according to an individual plan, tailored to his needs, prepared together with the parents. Our specialists Early Intervention Petya Uzunova and Raya Tsvetanova work with the children.



One child is 4 years old with a speech and language disorder ”and shows traits from the autism spectrum. His peer is the other boy, with whom we have been working for a year under the Early Childhood Development program and he has a severe genetic disease.



Boys need hippotherapy to develop their social interaction and communication, their cognitive skills, to improve motor skills, attention, self-esteem, to promote their strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, posture and mobility.











Hippotherapy is an effective therapeutic exercise in which the main means is communication with horses and riding.


It is suitable for children with motor disabilities and developmental difficulties, helps them move and creates interaction between the child and the horse. This improves the emotional and physical condition of the child, and has a strong positive psychological effect. Thanks to hippotherapy, positive effects are observed in all children – they improve the control and posture of their bodies, the therapy affects their gait, behavior and balance.



Some children achieve better head posture, which affects their speech and nutrition. Contact with horses also has a very beneficial effect on socialization.




This year, the For Our Children Foundation will provide an opportunity for 20 children with special needs from 0 to 7 years of age to benefit free of charge from innovative and with a proven effect on their development therapeutic and socializing activities. This became possible thanks to our project “New opportunities for children with disabilities”, funded by the charity campaign of Raiffeisenbank “Choose to help“.