Family house

What is Children’s House?

In Bulgaria, over 1,000 newborns and young children are abandoned in social homes every year. “For Our Children” foundation provides abandoned children (0-7 years) with temporary care that encourages their development until our specialists find a more long-term solution for their future – either to reintegrate them in their biological families, place them with relatives, find a foster family, or find an adoptive family. We created the Family type placement center “Children’s House” so that abandoned babies get the care and attention needed for each child in a safe and close to a family environment. The “Children’s House” is a place for the transition of abandoned children from temporary to long-term family environment, without having to live in a social home during this time. The aim is the stay of the children in the House not to exceed 6 months, and during this time we are looking for a long-term alternative.