Foster care

What is foster care?

In the last 5 years, a strategic partner of “For Our Children” foundation for developing foster care is the British organization Core Assets – a world leader in foster care. The foster care as an alternative for the life at a social home and as a prevention for protection ensures a safe family environment for the child for a certain period of time and contributes to his or her full physical and emotional development.


Moreover, foster care prepares the child for an independent life and develops his or her social skills. Foster families also prepare children, accommodated in social homes, for reintegration in their biological or adoptive family. “For Our Children” foundation runs the processes for selecting and training foster parents and follows the quality of the care for the children, placed in foster families as following world-renowned standards and systems for assessing the quality.


Investing in foster care is a state priority but the policy for the quality of the effectiveness is still missing. “For Our Children” contributes with its expertise for the change of the foster care and increasing its quality. The foster care services are provided on the territory of the cities of Sofia and Plovdiv.