Prevention of child abandonment

How we prevent the abandonment of babies?

“For Our Children” foundation supports parents at risk of abandoning their newborns and children. According to a research of the foundation, held in 2012, parents are faced with the difficult decision to separate with their newborn at a maternity ward level because of poverty (75%), lack of support (48%), bad living conditions (65%), mental and psychical difficulties of the parents (33%), etc.


In the framework of the direct social work for a 6-month period to 1 year, the specialists at the foundation provide intensive support for the parents, research the expanded family and mobilize the supporting network around the family. During the work with children at risk of being abandoned, they rely on the individual approach to each child, the use of crisis intervention, when necessary, as well as the provision of mobile support by a multidisciplinary team. Through investing in the resources of the parents, the risk of a permanent separation between the child and his or her family becomes lower. The model of the provided support is social – health since it combines the direct social work with the intervention of healthcare specialists when necessary. The prevention of abandonment lowers the public expenses for benefits for children in social institutions and guarantee the best interest of the child – to grow in his or her biological family. The prevention of abandonment services is granted on the territory of the cities of Sofia and Plovdiv.