Hunt for Eater eggs for Our Children

By 25.04.2019News

In the days before the bright Easter holiday, “For Our Children” Foundation surprised all of the children and families it works with, with Easter eggs hunting.


Under the sounds of spring melodies, in the company of a good weather and warm sun lights, and encouraged by a real Easter rabbit, the children and their parents enjoyed the Easter adventure. All of the guests who has an Easter spirit and a research flair, had the opportunity to take a part in the searching of more than 150 hand-decorated, unique Easter eggs, which were made by the team of the organization earlier that day.


In addition to the Hunt, we were prepared a colorful program to tell our little and big friends for the Easter traditions, how to celebrate the holiday and how to greet the other people during the three days of Easter. The answers of the children of the question “Why the first egg has to be red?” were a lot and all of them were different. Some of them were “Because this is my favorite color” or “that’s what my grandmother said” until we heard “the right” answer, which was given by one of the biggest kids – “because it symbolizes God and his blood”. We told them some not so popular traditions in Bulgaria and the most interesting for the children was the legend for the Easter rabbit. Maybe because they heard it from him – how on the first day of Easter, even before the dew rose, he jumps from a garden to garden and leaves colorful eggs for the owners of every house, in order their year to be good and happy.


Even though the children were really tired, they participated in the Easter limbo and dances, with witch the holiday rolled to its end.


Apart from all of the eggs they had discovered, the little “goldsmiths” came home with a lot of presents, balloons and candies, but also with one red Easter egg. With this present, the Foundation’s team wished all of the families to be healthy and to greet the holiday in the warmth of their homes together.




Every child deserves to have a happy childhood, full of special moments, holidays and traditions! We share the same view with our partners from Raiffeisenbank. Without the support of their charity initiative “Choose to help”, the event “Hunt for Easter eggs For Our Children” was not going to be possible. We are thankful from our hearts!