Informational sessions about parents in conflict have started within the Children on Focus Project

By 12.03.2020News

Informational sessions about the negative effects of parental conflict, the ways of overcoming it, and the way mediation can support the process have started. After her participation in the development of the “Methodology for an examination of the child’s best interest”, Petya Yanachkova, a family consultant from our team, will participate in the sessions as one of the trainers.


The meetings are completely free of charge for parents from the entire country who are in a situation of conflict.

They will take place every Tuesday at 4 pm and every Thursday at 6 pm, at the address of 30 Positano street, Sofia, after an in advance registration. During the meetings, the parents will learn more about how conflict influences their child, to acquire additional techniques for overcoming the differences and providing shared care that responds to the interests of the child.


The informational sessions are facilitated within the “Children on Focus in a Judiciary Reform” project and the results of the cooperative efforts of experts from Professional Association of Mediators in Bulgaria, National Network for Children, Institute for Social Activities and Practices, For Our Children Foundation, “Parents Association”. The thus developed informational sessions for parents were additionally developed and discussed with many experts during a series of meetings that took place in February and March 2020 in Varna, Pomorie, Burgas, Pleven, and Sofia. Hundreds of judges, lawyers, mediators, pedagogues, psychologists, and social workers from all around the country became involved in the cause of the five organizations – removing the focus from the parents and their mutual accusations and placing it on the protection of the best interest of the child.


During the training and alongside the informational sessions for parent, the partners of Children on Focus presented different theories about the psychology of the childhood development

(Piage, Ericson, Boulby and other), the systematic problems within the sphere of Family Justice, the risks of parental alienation and the existing foreign good practices. All of this is what the materials for the sessions and the project are based on. The training created led to discussions that clearly showed a high level of acceptance coming from the experts working in the sphere of Family Justice. Besides, in four of the cities, judges expressed their readiness to support the introduction of such informational sessions.


“We are happy that we observed such a reaction coming from a large number of experts from the entire countries.”- said lawyer Eliza Nikolowa, chairman of PAMB.


It is exciting to be able to follow how judges, lawyers, mediators, and social workers unite around a single idea. All of this gives us additional confidence for the completion of the next stage activity of the project which includes the piloting of informational sessions with mediators from “Center for agreements and mediation SRS”


We are expecting you, your relatives or friends at the informational sessions of the “Children On Focus” in the name of the best interest of the children. You can find more information about the project at


“Децата на фокус в реформата на съдебната система” е проект, насочен към реформирането на структурата и организацията на съдебната система в сферата на семейното правосъдие. Проектът се финансира по Оперативна програма “Добро управление”, по процедура BG05SFOP001 – 3.0003 – “Граждански контрол върху реформата в съдебната система”, със срок за изпълнение 18.02.2019 г-. 18.08.2020 г. Партньори по проекта са Професионална асоциация на медиаторите в България, Национална мрежа за децата, Институт по социални дейности и практики, Фондация “За нашите деца” и Асоциация “Родители”.