Funded from the European union Operation programme “Human resources development” cofounded by the European social fund in amount of 199 947,17 BGN, “For our children” foundation is carrying out “Initiative for development and social including – for our children” on the territory of 8 municipalities in Plovdiv province.



The main goal of the project is for the system of services for active social including of children at risk and their families to be improved through disclosure of integrated and coordinated intersection services


  • Public events and activities for informing the interested for the opportunities for active social including of children at risk and their families;
  • Disclosure of the “Individual grading and directing towards social integration services” program
  • Disclosure of the “ Consulting and therapeutic support for children” program for children
  • Disclosure of the “Support for development and socialization” program for children


Expected results:
  • Engaged a large number of interested groups in active position for finding the most suitable mechanisms for interaction and supply of complex and coordinated support towards the vulnerable families in the community;
  • System for coordination between services suppliers and government institutions as well as a disclosed complex program for informing, individual grading and directing of families towards the use of supporting services depending on the identified needs of the children in the targeted group;
  • Disclosed complex services for supporting the early childhood development and direct support towards children with difficulties in the development or damage and their families;
  • Disclosed services for assistance in the individual studying and social integration for children in the targeted group as well as given assistance to local structures for creating programs for development and socialization.

Location: Provinces Plovdiv, Maritsa, Sadovo, Perushtitsa, Asenovgrad city and Stamboliyski.

Funding provided by: Operation programme “Human resources development” 2014-2020

Duration: 15.09.2019 – 31.12.2020