International Father’s Day

By 21.06.2020News

Hello, dear friends!


Do you know what day is June 21st?


International Father’s Day Every year, millions of people from around the world celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June. Today is a holiday celebrating the fatherhood and parental care of men. On this day, people, regardless of their cultural, religious, and social differences, unite to mark the important role that the father figure and all the children’s men of the family circle (grandfather, uncle) have for their full development.


We at “For Our Children” Foundation believe that the active participation of fathers (whether they are biological, adoptive parents or with another paternal role) in the life of children at a young age is one of the main factors that help to realize the full potential of the child and his proper development. Therefore, this year on the occasion of International Father’s Day, we appealed to all dads to share with us what fatherhood is like for them.


In the past days, we have received many poems, stories, videos, even musical performances on our Facebook page, as well as on our email. They were all sent t by creative daddies inspired by fatherhood. We are extremely happy that with our initiative we have provided a grandstand from which all dads can tell us first-person: what is it like for them to be a father? And because  we believe that all the daddies who took part in the first edition of our initiative deserve to be encouraged for the courage to get involved, in the next week we will also publish their wonderful interpretations on the topic: “What is fatherhood for me”.


Today on International Father’s Day, we present Emil Mihaylov and his wonderful poem.


It’s like I got a piece of heaven.

 It’s like it’s filled with meaning.

I don’t know any more true joy.


From your smile to see for a moment.

To grab the little hand in the rough male hand.


Let’s run to another slide.

Let’s play with kids with the snow


I’m so grateful to the woman I love. Because she gave me you.

You woke up the child in me


Father with a child, the child with a father.

Even though the roles are undetermined, you’re my dream come true!