Invitation for a communication service competition for the “For Our Children” Foundation

“For Our Children” Foundation announces a competition for the selection of a communication service provider for a period of one year, starting from July 13, 2020. For more information on the activities of the organization and its goals, see Annex 1 to this competition notice.



1. Main information about the competition


We invite you to submit your proposals by 17.00 on July 4, 2020, including price offers for providing the following services for the following lots:



Lot 1. Institutional / corporate PR


The position includes a one-time service for Preparation of a comprehensive communication plan / strategy /, which includes at least proposals on:


  1. building the reputation of the organization (Employer Branding);
  2. effective internal communication in the organization;
  3. key messages to stakeholders;
  4. planning and conducting PR-campaigns;
  5. preparation of profiles for potential members of the Board of Trustees and the Advisory Board, as well as advocates and ambassadors of the mission of the organization.
  6. successful presentation of the activity of the organization in the city of Plovdiv and the district.


The position obligatorily includes the preparation and conducting of at least two communication campaigns according to the rules and goals of the prepared communication plan / strategy /.



Lot 2. PR service


The position includes providing the following Current Services:


  1. Consultations and trainings on the implementation of the communicational plan / strategy / of the organization;
  2. Media relations – inquiry management, identification of opportunities;
  3. Preparation and coordination of PR materials – press releases, articles, interviews (based on 4-6 materials per month);
  4. Corporate PR services, incl. preparation for interviews, main theses, preparation of speeches, speeches and behavior, etc.;
  5. PR activities in social networks – consultations on the strategy and activities of the foundation;
  6. Crisis PR – proposal for reaction, consultations, preparation of the first statement for the media and in the social networks;
  7. Media monitoring;
  8. Internal communication – implementation of two initiatives for the foundation’s team for the year
  9. Employer Branding – planning and implementation of two campaigns or initiatives for the year


The proposals could be for either one or all of the positions required.




2. The following results will be expected from the agency:


2.1 Development of a comprehensive communication plan with specific goals, audiences, messages, channels and mechanisms, content and organization, guidelines for modern communication of our social impact, through storytelling, video storytelling, content marketing, influencer marketing;


2.2 Increased capacity of the team for the implementation of highly effective communications;


2.3 Improved presentation of the organizational management model;


2.4 Identity – successful development of the brand of the organization and the related elements of our identity with an emphasis on the model of organizational management and functioning (how we function, what we do and what we achieve);


2.5 Implemented campaign Re: donor and achieved goals for attracting and engaging individual investors in the activities of the organization;


2.6 Implemented communication campaign to increase the sensitivity of the public in Plovdiv to early childhood development and the organization’s need for support for the establishment of an Early Childhood Development Complex, Museum of Institutional Care and Academy for Learning and Development;


2.7 Increased level of awareness and commitment of the team with the new initiatives of the organization;


2.8 Improved attraction of investors in the activities of the organization with a focus on early childhood development.



Our expectations are that the candidates will take into account the availability of organizational capacity and experience in communications and suggest ways to upgrade and develop it, as well as supplement specific professional services.




3. Conditions for proposal submissions


Each proposal should include:


3.1 A detailed description of the volume and scope of the services included in each of the lots, as well as a price proposal for Lot 1 for a one-off service and for Lot 2 for current services on a monthly basis.


3.2 Presentation of the candidate, which proves the availability of capacity for the provision of services and the achievement of the indicated results. The presentation should also contain examples of other communication services with the same or similar subject matter.


3.3 From 3 to 5 references from previous (not later than the last 3 years) and current clients of the agency who support participation in this competition. The proposals submitted by the participants will be reviewed and ranked by an internal committee, after which you will be officially notified of the results.


Each proposal should be accompanied by a document certifying the current status of the applicant, as well as a Declaration on the absence or presence of public receivables.


The total price of the services under this competition is below the value thresholds defined in the Public Procurement Act.


The realization of the services included in each of the separate positions is subject to preliminary discussion before the conclusion of a contract.


Each proposal, including the price offer, should be submitted on paper, sealed in an envelope with the inscription “Competition for communication services of FZND” to the address: 21 Gueshevo Str., Sofia



Additional information and questions about the rules of the competition can be asked electronically at the following e-mail address:




4. Our leading evaluation criteria


4.1 Proposal for scope and scope of services. Evaluation criteria are compliance of services and their scope with the needs of the organization given the context, goals and activities, creativity and unique approach – 40%


4.2 Capacity to provide the service. The evaluation criteria are previous experience in providing these services with the same or similar subject of activity – 30%


4.3 Price – considering the socially useful activity of the organization, the leading criterion is the economy and the lowest price. The offer may also contain a personal contribution by donating part of the services. – 30%.



Answers to the submitted questions on the competition can be found here.