It Is Never A Bad Day That Hath A Good Night

By 11.01.2019Blog

It is never a bad day that hath a good night,” says an old Bulgarian proverb.


In the “For Our Children” Foundation, we interpret these words in a slightly different way. We believe that when the year starts with a real success, it is more than certain that the remaining 364 days will be booming with positive results. This is the hope shared by Fickrie Baydakova, a social worker at our Community Support Center “St. Sofia”.


Fifi saw off 2018 by saving another baby from abandonment, and welcomed the new year with the same success. Thanks to her professionalism and the ability to predispose her clients to confide and trust in her both as a social worker and as a friend, the little Alexander will grow in the arms of a mom and a dad.


Fifi met Anelia, Marian and their son Alexander after a signal from the Sheynovo Maternity Hospital, where she was on-call every Thursday. The hospital informed her they needed her help with an underage mother who was afraid she would not be able to take care of her child.


Fifi responded immediately. She talked to the young parents, learned more about their family and whether they were willing to take on this responsibility.


“The mother was very scared. She did not know if she would be able to take good care of Alex, but her eyes showed that she loved him, and she wanted to keep her child,” Fickrie said.


Seeing that neither the mother, nor the father wanted to part with their baby, Fifi assured them that no matter their fears and obstacles, she and the whole team of the foundation will support them and be there for them whenever they feel insecure.


Hopeful that they were not alone, the young parents decided to go home with Alexander but would continue to work with Fifi. The “First Care for the Newborn” kit was already awaiting them at home, containing all basic necessities: a baby bath, diapers, cosmetics, clothes, and more.


In the coming months, Fifi and the family will continue to meet regularly, where she will continue to encourage them and give them tips on how to be good parents – how to bathe the baby, how to feed him properly, what to do when he cries, how to play with him and other helpful guidelines.


“I will continue working with them until I’m sure they are ready to take care of Alexander by themselves,” Fickrie said.


Fifi has been part of the “For our Children” team for a year and a half. Her first encounter with the organization’s team was when she applied for an internship at the “St. Sofia” Community Support Center. Since then, Fickrie has prevented dozens of separations and has changed the lives of many children who, otherwise, might have not lived in a safe family environment today. She has helped many abandoned children find their way back to their families. She says that moments like these make her believe that social work is her calling and she is happy to have the opportunity to contribute to many happy endings to such stories.

Just like this one.