Ivanka Shalapatova in an international conference: The success of deinstitutionalization of care for children depends on all of us

By 07.11.2019News

The process of deinstitutionalization of care for children in Bulgaria can be successfully made only with the mobilization on energy and uniting of the resources of community around that the participants in the discussion “Economical reasons for the process of deinstitutionalization and financing of the reform”  were united. The panel moderated from the executive director of “For our children” foundation  Ivanka Shalapatova is part of the international conference “Deinstitutionalization of care for children: how we invest in change” which is held in Sofia.


Extremely important for the successful end of the process is the right and wise investing in it, shared financing form the national budget and European funds and responsible division of the means in order for development and stability of the services to be guaranteed said during the opening of the panel Mrs. Shalapatova.  She shared that in the current financing form of the process the foundation has to co-finance with self-raised funds nearly 60% from the services it offers in order to accomplish high quality and affect on children. Mrs. Shalapatova determined society as key role for success of deinstitutionalization.


Main directions in investment policies on which the European commission will work and which are forthcoming to be realized in the next program period laid down Marie-Anne Paraskevas, Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion, EC, reforms financing. She pointed as a main thing missed the lack of monitoring for the effect of the connected with the process of deinstitutionalization actions of the European Commission and the national and local authorities. Forthcoming is the development of a list with criterion which every state must meet in order to receive financing for the process which will guarantee for higher efficiency of the investments in it. The state will have to present and protect the planned from them measures for the continuing of the process of deinstitutionalization, of key importance is for them to be focused on children`s rights and the role of family said Mrs. Paraskevas.


A research from foundation Lumos for the main accomplishments of the process of deinstitutionalization in Europe was presented by Irina Malanchuk, manager European Hub in Lumos foundation which made recommendations foe effective use of European structural and investment funds.


In the end of the discussion Ivanka Shalapatova marked the key role of the civil community for the disclosure and pointing of main problems and challenges every reform is facing and the intercession for their on time solving.


The participants of the discussion united around the need of the uniting of efforts of institutions, scientific and civil sector for developing annual finance frame for insurance of the process of deinstitutionalization. The financing of the process to be a strategical priority  in the national budget which will guarantee development and stability of the services stated the participants.


On the conference over 25o representors from universities, institutions and non-governmental organizations for Europe, Australia, central Asia and USA were present. Among the participants were representors from the European Commission, Ministry of Labor and Social policy and other national institutions, international and local non-governmental organizations, social services delivers and specialists in the area of policies for children.