Period of execution: 1998 – 2005

Description: The project “Local Health Center – Rakitovo” started with the financial support of the European Union for a two-year period (1998 – 2000). Medical specialists and health care professionals provided health service at the Health center, the Roma school, and at the homes of patients in the Roma neighborhood in Rakitovo. The specialists also initiate campaigns for increasing health culture. The specialists of the foundation are trying their best to attract professionals who can give service to the Roma community. In the time-frame of the project, in the Health Center, there were 16 370 examinations, manipulations, and consultations which include 892 women and girls, whom a gynecologist examined and took care of, as well as dentist examinations and serving to 1362 people. After the end of the project, upon request of the municipality of Rakitovo, the whole equipment was donated and the municipality took over the center as a part of our policy for developing of stability of the project activities.