LR Global Kids Fund choose to support the children in our “Family House” again

By 23/04/2019News

For six years in Family Type Placement Center “Family House” of “For Our Children” Foundation, we give a second chance to the children, deprived of parental care, we change fates, we make the miracles come true .. thanks to the support of our partners, the main among which is LR Global Kids Fund. 45 children today live in a family and have a chance for a happy childhood and good life, thanks to the donated 129 000 BGN in the period.


In Saturday on a special event for its best distributors and partners, the international foundation has announced that it will continue to support the professionals of “For Our Children” Foundation by providing opportunities for babies and children from 0 to 3 years, deprived of parental care, to grow and develop fully.


With the raised funds – a percentage of the sale of their products. As well as the double LR donations from their individual donors, LR Global Kids Fund supports causes in the countries where it works. In Bulgaria, they chose the most vulnerable – the children, who are waiting for home and family, the children supported by “For Our Children” Foundation.


We are thankful to our friends from LR! In Saturday we saw a strong flame in their eyes – a flame of good, of sharing, of giving, of love and hope. Let the flame continue to “burn” in many more eyes, uniting us with more and more partners in the fulfillment of our dream – a happy childhood in a family for every child!