Marielka from “Children’s House” received the most valuable Christmas present

By 11.12.2018Blog

Today one family received an early Christmas gift. Two parents who have tried for many years have been waiting to have their own child, today found the happiness and took their daughter home. And one child left without mom and dad in the first moments of its life finally got a chance for a happy childhood in a safe and loving family environment.

Our “Children’s House” said goodbye to Marielka, wishing her to be healthy, happy, and always loved. And to her parents – Rayna and Peter, our team wished to stay together and have many unforgettable moments with their long-awaited dream – their little daughter.






Marielka was the big sister in our House who came to was right after her birth, just a few days old. Even left without a mother and a father, in our face she found the love and safety every baby needs. From the very beginning, she was very loving, liked the attention and didn’t miss a chance to want a kiss or a hug.  


Marielka went through a lot of “first” things with us – she had her first teeth, made her first steps, celebrated her first birthday, heard her first words. All these special moments we preserved in many photos which we gave to Rayna and Peter – so that they can keep the memories from her first home, with her first family.


With tears of joy, but a little sadness too, our team sent the family for which, we believe, the best, the most waited moments are yet to come. Moments, full of love, care, and a lot of family happiness.