Marina will Celebrate Christmas at Home With Her Family

By 31.12.2019Blog

Marina is the fourth child in the family of Elena Vasileva and Andrey Danielov. In the days before giving birth to Marina, Elena was taking care of her three sons, on all her own, as her husband was not by her side at the time. Her parents were for a long time not alive and Andrey’s parents did not live in Sofia. That is why after giving birth to Marina, Elena was forced to leave her daughter at the maternity ward and to go home, so that she does not leave her sons alone.


Early the following morning, she went back to the hospital to find our that due to her absence during the night, the young Marina was put under protection and moved to another hospital in Sofia, from where she would be placed into a foster family.


Elena was devastated, her whole world ruined for a moment and her eyes were full of tears. Up to that moment her life consisted of many difficulties, but she always used to find ways to overcome them because her main motivation was that the children were by her side, but now the little princess was not.


She felt completely helpless, had no idea what to do and was all alone. Then the Department for Child Protection redirected her to social services within the program “Reintegration” at Community Support Centre “St. Sofia”. Fikrie Baydakova, a social worker from our team started working on the case and since their very first meeting, remained by Elena’s side.


The following two years were uneasy as she had no permanent accommodation or job. Even though her husband returned and started supporting her, they needed to change locations frequently which made the meetings between Marina and Elena more administratively difficult. The main people who take care of her were the foster family.


During these two years Andrey and Elena did not stop thinking and fighting for their little princes Marina. Sometimes their life was so difficult that the desperation became stronger and they started losing hope that they will ever take their daughter in their arms again. Fortunately, in those difficult times, by their side was Fikrie. She provided them with emotional support, advice on how to apply for a municipal dwelling, help while visiting institutions and filling documents, she provided Elena with courage and hope as well.


Even though it was challenging, Andrey managed to find a job and the financial situation of the family slowly started improving. Thus, after a two year-long social stabilization of the family, in November, the first meetings between Marina and her family took place. They were difficult for everyone because up to that date, Marina had never seen her family. After that initial meeting, Elena had a hard time stopping herself from crying. On the one hand, she was very happy to see her girl. On the other hand, she was worried that during the entire time she was not present in her daughter’s life and Marina did not recognize her.


Fikrie Baydakova

According to Fikrie’s recommendations, Elena and Andrey started taking their other children to the meetings with Elena, so that she could develop emotional relationship with them. During the last meetings the little girl started to recognize her parents, to kindly go into Elena’s arms, to play and freely communicate with her brothers. She even felt sad when they were leaving.


Thus, after those difficult times, the moment for Marina to return home to her mother, father and three brothers had finally come.


After their first evening together, Elena could not express her happiness and shared with Fikrie “I stood next to Marina’s bed all night, and could not stop crying from happiness because my daughter was finally with me. Thank you for everything you did for me! We would have been unable to overcome the difficulties without you!”


Andrey shared that during those two years, there were moments where he almost lost faith but thanks to Fikrie, he remained motivated to fight for his daughter until the end. Today, both parents are more confident and prepared to do anything which will provide Marina with safe and secure family environment.


This Christmas, thanks to the Fikrie Baydakova’s help, Elena and Andrey received the dreamed gift- the chance to take their daughter into their arms, so that the entire family can celebrate Christmas Eve together.