Mariya`s story

By 13.08.2019Blog

I am Mariya. As it is said every second woman is Mariya. And when there are so many of this name at least one must be without luck. There, I though, I am among those who aren`t meant to be happy. I was 18 and pregnant. Rosen and I hadn`t planned it. But…it happened.


At the beginning he wanted the child. We even lived together. ‘don`t worry we`ll manage”. That`s how he comforted me until the 6th month when he left. Did he got scared or had his parents told him something I don`t know. But I and my unborn child were left alone. What do I do? My mother and father were hardly managing. A man by my side I didn`t have, means I didn`t have, documents I didn`t have, because our house was illegal. Some thoughts started running through my mind. What kind of mother was I going to be? I f I gave the child to other people it was probably going be better. ”You won`t five up!” a neighbor advised me “Go to child support”.


I listened to her. When they understood I don`t have an ID and the father had abandoned me they sent me to the Community Support Center “St.Sofia” of Foundation “For our children”. I wasn`t sure that anything would change. What – would they find a father for my child, were they going to fix my financial condition…


Not one, nor the other. But they taught me how to be a mother to my son Stefan. I, him and my parents live together. It isn`t easy, but is there anything easy? The people from the center are there for me from the first day when Stefan was born. They helped me to get an ID, together we found a pediatric, they gave the most necessary things for the child, but the best part is I am no longer afraid of what kind of mother I would be.  I am Mariya without luck. And I turned out to be a good mother.

Fikrie Baydakova, Social Worker

“I am happy to witness the development of this case. The mother Mariya is now managing to combine motherhood with work. I see the confidence and her certainty , six months after I started working with her I witness her behavior and her relation with Stefan. Today, although being an alone parent, she is a happy mother, who gives love and care to her child” – Fikrie Baydakova.