Miracles start happening after dreams start becoming true

By 09.05.2020Blog

The little Eva-Maria was born prematurely, in the sixth month, weighing only 1900gr and 45cm tall. Straight after she was born, she was put into an incubator where she spent the following two months. These months are not easy for her mother as well. Even though she wants to be next to her princess and take care of her, she has remained with no support from her family and has to take the difficult decision to leave her biggest treasure.


Eva-Maria is placed in Children’s House when she is only 2 months old. Despite her young age, she has already gone through a lot – 22 days after she was born the doctors found that she has an anemic syndrome. They manage to overcome it through double transfusion. The next month she remains in hospital to be observed – all on her own, devoid of mother’s love and warmth. However, everything changes, when our loving caretakers start looking after her.


Thus, during the next six months the team at Children’s House provides all the needed medical care for the complete recovery of the little girl, they surround her with all their love, care, and attention. The results do not take long before appearing. Shortly after that, the tiny little girl is replaced by a sunny, laughing, beautiful child with red cheeks who gives smiles to everyone.


At the same time, Eva-Maria’s mother does not stop thinking about her. She visits her regularly and the child gets attached to her very quickly. Each meeting between mother and daughter is filled with happiness, smiles, and hugs.


Elena dreams about the day when she will be able to take her princess back home. That is why during those six months she regularly visits the consultations with our specialists at Community Support Centre “St. Sofia”. They teach her how to take care of and communicate with Eva-Maria. They give her confidence and courage.


Thus, almost imperceptibly, with tears form happiness and a little bit of sadness, the day when we sent our little princess Eva-Maria back to her mother’s arms had come. We believe that Eva-Maria will experience great moments, full of love, care, and family happiness. We are happy that one more child will grow up happy and loved within her biological family.


Since the establishment of The Center for Temporary Placement Children’s House in 2012, 50 children found a temporary home there. 11 children received warmth and care at the Children’s House in 2019. Seven of them already have a family – two went back to their biological families thanks to the support their parents received from our specialists at the Community Support Center “St. Sofia”. Four of them found their real family in the face of their adoptive parents. One foster family is giving all the love and care so that one of the children can grow up happy. Thanks to the complementary and quality services for children and families, provided by For Our Children Foundation, the average stay of children at Children’s House in between 4 and 6 months, after which they return to their biological family, get adopted or placed within a foster family.


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