Natalie Sabeva: children are a happiness that shall not be destroyed but shine!

By 11.05.2020News

An interview with Natalie Sabeva – one of the significant individual donators of For Our Children Foundation


She is Natalie Sabeva – a Bulgarian who has for a long time lived in Belgium, and earns a living by being an owner of restaurants. She looks people straight in the eyes while her own ones shine. She says for herself “I have a strong character and overcome the challenges in life on my own. I like to smile, and to make people around me smile as well. I like to help.”


How did you learn about For Our Children Foundation?


I learnt about the Foundation by accident. Last Christmas I wanted to make children devoid of parental love happy. I was in Sofia, and decided to research where these children are staying and what type of presents are appropriate. After a meeting with the Foundation’s representatives, my intention changed – I realized that children do not need presents once a year for the holidays, but donations for regular care for them. Thus, I donated several times towards the work of the Foundation’s specialists, so that they help children to grow up surrounded by love and care.


What motivated you to support with donations our work several times?

My love for children that I carry within me motivated me. For me children are a happiness that shall shine and not be destroyed.


What brings you happiness and inspiration during these times of isolation and insecurity?

The fact that I can be helpful to someone in need brings me happiness. Faith inspires me. Hope motivates me.


Would you like to wish something to the children and families that we support?

I would like to wish them to have hope, to fight, to love and to be loved. The goodness in never-ending.


Do you have a to the Foundation?

I am very happy that I found you. I am happy that there are good people, and that I have the chance to get to know them better. And let us not forget – our children are our future!


Our specialists continue to work with the most vulnerable children and families, to give them confidence and hope, to that they can stay together, and to overcome the crisis.

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