NGO in action – 28 years of development and happy childhood for the most vulnerable children

By 22.01.2020News

For Our Children Foundation once again received acknowledgment for our work supporting the happy childhood for every child. The “NGO in Action” was received by our executive director Ivanka Shalapatova from Stanislava Stoyanova, member of the Parliamentary Commission for education during the “Golden Heart” ceremony, organized by Business Lady.


Over the past 28 years the Foundation has been among the most actively working organizations working towards protection of children’s rights, introducing innovative practices and services, and developing policies for support and protection of the youngest children of Bulgaria. Leading organization within the field of Foster Care, which implemented this form of shared community care in Bulgaria back in 1997. Defender of every child’s right to live in secure and protected family environment, and under the leadership of Ivanka Shalapatova, the organization not only develops its expertise in the name of the children’s best interest and researches and implements the newest methods for support, but also actively works towards improving the policies for protection of children in the country.


The number of children supported by the Foundation since its establishment exceeds 14 000, and in 2019 only, they were 1200.


Over 500 of them are families in biological extended and adoptive families, 50 children in foster families, 11 children received care and love in our Children’s house. Thanks to our social workers’ efforts and dedication 293 children in an early age were saved from abandoning. Our team worked with 144 children with disabilities and their families, focusing on their strong sides and their parent’ ability to stimulate their child’s development through everyday activities. Over 520 future parents were trained at our free courses for parental skills, 115 adoptive parents were prepared to give a loving home and a second chance to many children.


The organization is actively stimulating families to overcome the challenges and difficulties faced by the child in order to ensure support and security in their lives and to provide all the possibilities for complete development.  Our team believes that active social work, psychological support and the mobilazation of all types of specialists around the child are the main factors that define the process of exiting a situation of vulnerability and life difficulties of a family.


This is the second time when Business Lady recognizes our specialists’ efforts.


This award means a lot to us. It is very difficult to work within a sphere where you need to protect a child at risk’s rights, to inspire parents who desperate as a result of the lack of support, and to unite many professionals in the name of the development of children in need. These are the everyday battles that we lead. This acknowledgement gives us the confidence that we matter and that it is important for us to continue to support thousands of families and their children to develop and to enjoy family happiness and harmony. Such moments of appreciation from society give us energy to keep doing the work we do.


Thank you!

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