Nothing happens by accident

By 01.02.2019Blog

You know how sometimes you find yourself in the right place on the right time.. by “accident”? Or how you find yourself in the worst situation at the worst moment.. again quite “accidentally”.


“It happened by accident”, “I met her by accident”, “I learned about it by accident” are the phrases we use the most when we express our surprise if something happens unexpectedly.


Do accidents really exist or everything is programmed to happen in a well-established way? Maybe the world is full of invisible threads that connect everything around us – all people, all places, all information. Maybe the “coincidences” are one of the tools, with which the Faith works?


Are coincidences phenomenal or is it the Faith that arranges everything the way it has to be?


One of these “accidents” led us to the happy end of one more story.



Mariyana Kostadinova

“We were in “Vesela” hospital for a complete different reason. We were just getting ready to go back to the office, when the senior midwife came to us and asked for help. One mother was about to abandon her child,” Mariyana Kostadionova, head of the social work team in The Community Support Center “For Children and Parents” in Plovdiv, starts her story.


She and the social worker Margarita immediately went to the mother’s room, where they saw her with sadness in her eyes holding her father’s hand, who, like her, stood with her head down, staring at the floor.


“The sadness of a family, illustrated by the most sincere way,” Mariyana remembers.


The two women presented themselves to the family. The father’s name was Dimitar.. his daughter raised her hands silently, pointed to herself and after that to her lips and made a few gestures with her fingers – ZHENI.



“She lost her hearing when she was young.” – her father said.


Zheni has another two children, whose voices she had never heard. She hadn’t heard their laugh, their tears, she had never heard “I love you, mom”. When they were babies, she was afraid all the time that something bad can happen to them because she can’t hear. She didn’t want to go through the same thing with her newborn daughter.



Margarita Cherneva

Dimitar told Mariyana and Margarita everything about their family – he was a driver and he was the only one who took care of the family. The father of the children had been hurting Zheni for years until one day she left him. She couldn’t take her children, but she knew that he was taking care of them – she knew he loves them. Her grandmother was the only one who supported her, but she was too old and recently had a surgery. They didn’t know if she was going to keep helping her granddaughter, especially when the little Kristina appeared in their lives.


“Dimitar told us every detail of their lives, with the strength and courage inherent only to a caring father and dedicated grandfather. He hid his feelings, but what he couldn’t hide from us, was the love for his granddaughter. And the sadness because of the difficult situation they were stuck in.”


Mariyana and Margarita realized this family needed a friendly advice, kind words, confidence that they can handle it and support to continue.


“We told them even though the child was unplanned, it came to their family at the right moment with a mission. What is the mission – we said we don’t know, but the only way to find out was to go home with the baby, take care of it, so it can grow up.. and show them itself.”


Our team assured them they would be there until they need it. Margarita will visit them in their home, she will learn Zheni and her granddaughter how to take care of the little blue-eyed girl and how to help each other.


“Of course, we gave them the set “First care for the newborn” with which to meet Krisi after discharge from the hospital.”


For Dimitar and his daughter these kind words and promises were enough to change their decision. By gratitude, Zheni couldn’t hold back her happiness and her tears flowed. The purest tears – those of maternal love.


In addition to preventing an abandonment, the team from the Community Support Center “For children and parents” hope that this will be a new beginning for our partnership with “Vesela” Hospital, an affiliate of the “St. Mina” Hospital.


“So far, we haven’t received any signals from there, but we hope after that successful prevention we will continue to work with the hospital’s staff. And not to rely only on coincidence.” Mariana shared her expectations.


The same “coincidence”, because of which we were in the right time on the right place. Because of it, Kristina will grow up loved and happy in her own family.


And after all.. did it really happen by accident?


The little Krisi is one of the three babies, born in January, who, thanks to our team from the Community Support Center “For Children and Parents”, went home with their families.