Once a foster parent, forever an angel

By 23.08.2020Blog

Tsvetana and Angel are foster parents since 2016, after undergoing a successful education program in “For our children” Foundation. Just prior to Christmas, they welcomed home their first foster child, Kaloyan – a charming boy, thirsty for the love, which Tsveta and Angel have in bulk. Two years later, they adopted Kaloyan and he became forever part of their family.


Tsvetana and Angel continue their mission to give love to children who lack family warmth and environment, while they find their real home. Thus, in the end of 2018, the one-year-old, Silviya, entered their family – weak, visibly malnourished and neglected, with burn scars on her body, without even one of the mandatory health immunizations for a child her age.


Thus, the young family embarked on a tough journey of recovery for the little girl, hopeful to erase the scars left in her soul and to catch up with and stimulate further her healthy development. Their first step was to assign her to a general practitioner, who would perform all the missing immunizations. Not long after, Silviya started to smile more often, returned her appetite and started gaining weight. These positive results motivated further Tsveta and Angel to continue with their efforts and care for the little girl’s health, development, and socialization. They praise her for every little effort or new learning. With each day passing, she becomes more independent – she picks up her clothes, dresses up, sorts her toys and eats independently. She also established a close connection with the family pets, playing with the dog and feeding the parrot. She likes music and dancing, enjoys being praised, and, as every child, loves the hugs from her foster parents and brother.


Together with the support from our foundation, Tsveta and Angel organize walks in nature, trips and children events, which turns Silviya into a curious, friendly, and happy little girl. A girl, who awaits her loving mother and father, so she too could grow up in the warmth and safety of a loving family.


“There is nothing more important for us than to support this little girl in the process of developing the necessary abilities, which would lead her into living an independent life of a successful adult. We truly believe that foster care is a cause, which gives children the opportunity to experience a family environment full of love and understanding, until they find their real home.”

                                                                                                                                   Tsvetana and Angel Ilievi