One More Child Found Her Parents Thanks to our Foster Care Center’s Fupport

By 29.02.2020Blog

Karamfilka Apostolova is a woman with a big heart. One of those who are mothers by a vocation. Together with her husband, they have three children who they took care of, with great love and warmth. Today they are all grown up. Each of them has taken their own path and become a wonderful person who brings pride to their parents.


After the children left their home, the mother instinct did not leave Karamfilka’s heart. Instead of taking a well-deserved rest, she decided to devote her time to the children devoid of parental love. Thus, 7 years ago she dedicated herself to the mission of a foster mother. Since then she gave a chance for a new beginning to 4 children, who thanks to her care, today grow happy and loved in their families.


The last child that Karamfilka cared for is the little Teodora. Exactly three years ago, the one-month-old Teddy came to her home.


Days after she was born, Teddy was left by her biological mother, who said she was not interested in her. In the beginning, Teddy is a skinny, anxious, and nervous baby. Even though her face is angel-like, she is very stressed and emotionally unstable. The first days are a real challenge, despite Karamfilka’s experience. There are sleepless nights when Teddy does not stop crying, and during the days she is easily annoyed and smiles rarely. It is obvious that Teddy is suffering from the lack of the most important figure in the life of a child – her mother.


During those first days of Teddy’s life, Karamfilka gives her endless amounts of love, hugs, care, and mother’s warmth.

Thanks to the love, attention, and care, she gradually calms down, starts to eat normally, and soon becomes a beautiful, and loving child. A child who is interested in the surrounding environment and who starts to quickly overcome the challenges that life welcomed her with.


Karamfilka remains right next to Teddy’s side since the moment she takes her into her arms. She welcomes her with a lot of love and together they celebrate her first birthday, and first steps as well. She cares about her the way her real family would do it. Since the very first day, Karamfilka accepts her as a member of her family. This is how Karamfilka’s older children accept her too. They not only support their mother’s profession as a foster parent but also help her frequently.


Karamfilka cares about Teddy until the age of three. Despite the difficulties, she never regrets her decision to become a foster mother.


When Teddy turns one, the doctors diagnose her with near-sightedness, and Karamfilka does everything for her angel-like eyes. She takes her to doctors and consultations. For Our Children Foundation supports the making of the glasses. After one more year, they find out that the baby is allergic to chicken meat which further complicates her enrollment into a nursery. However, her foster mother does not give up the battle for the socialization of the child and succeeds. Soon after that Teddy becomes the favorite child of the teachers at the nursery.


The love and care, as well as the secure family environment that Karamfilka ensures, help Teddy’s quick adaptation with other children.


Thus, after 3 years, the time comes for Teddy to meet her future mother and father. Over the period of one month, intensive meetings between the princess and her future parents take place. Thanks to Karamfilka’s care they happen smoothly with no problems. Teddy quickly socializes with her future family, accepts them, and develops an emotional relationship with them.


Thus, the moment when Teddy needs to leave her foster mother, in order to go to her real family, approaches.


Even though Karamfilka has a long experience as a foster parent, she knows that every child has their own path in life and she is only one of the stops on that path, she gets over the separation with every child very difficultly. Because she gives every child that enters her home part of her heart.


Even though the sadness is big, Karamfilka is truly happy and fulfilled because she has completed her mission, so that every child can be surrounded by love in their family.