Our Board of Trustees has new inspirational members

By 22/05/2019News

Four new “powers” joined the team of the Board of Trustees of “For Our Children” foundation. In the fulfilling of our difficult mission, we rely on the strategic support of our Board of Trustees – a community of people who put their experience, knowledge and enthusiasm into the development of the organization and the success of our activity.


The more and more expanding needs and spheres of support for children at an early age, as well as the need for a quality change in policies, which guarantee their rights, provoked us to expand the members of the Board of Trustees and also the spheres of influence and the guarantees that the children of Bulgaria will have all rights and opportunities for development and happy childhood.


After an opened selection and long meetings with the candidates, our current presidents – Silviya Tsanova, Kapka Stoikova and Georgi Kamov decided these 4 new “superheroes” to join the team.


Who are they? Why and how they share our causes?

Ekaterina Panova


Ekaterina Panova is a journalist, editor, psychologist, photographer and a good parent. She has worked as a reporter and editor in news agencies for more than 15 years. At the moment she is a political reporter at BTA and author of the blog “Where the heart lives”.


“As a mother and a person with a big heart, I face a disrespectful attitude towards children every day – it looks like adults in different roles and uniforms seem to forget what is like to be a child. This makes me feel really sad and at the same time it makes me strive for change. The kind words, the gentle smiles and the warm hugs don’t spoil. On the contrary – they sow goodness in every child’s soul. When we respect the children as individuals, when we are interested in their opinions and respect their desires, they develop their potential in the most useful for them and for the society way. I believe that the loved and supported children are our better future. That’s why I gratefully accepted the invitation to be part of “For Our Children” foundation, so we can together multiply our love.”

Aneliya Dimova


Aneliya Dimova has many years of managerial experience in the field of managing people in large multinational companies and part of her responsibilities include corporate social responsibility management policies. She also involves and manages projects, aimed at helping local communities, children with special needs and educational projects.


“To me, children make life meaningful. There is no bigger moment than the one when you see the smiles of the children and their shining eyes on the other side, the curiosity and the endless questions of the little оne, its stubbornness to climb the next challenge and to share the happiness from the achievement with the closest people.
“For Our Children” foundation is a platform and a team, working to provide a supportive environment for children and families in need. It is a great honor to give my personal contribution to this cause.”



Gergana Ivanova


Gergana Ivanova is managing partner of The Smarts communication group, Paragraph 42 PR Agency, IGMedia, Shoot. As the head of one of the strongest creative agencies on the market, Gergana is perfectly aware of the need of every good cause to be explained and to reach people in the most emotional and convincing way. She has been a supporter of the causes of “For Our Children” foundation for many years. Apart from being an individual donor, Gergana and her team support all of the foundation’s campaigns, by giving messages and visions of the causes it fights for.


“I believe in the power of Good and its final victory. Children are the personification of this Good. The most important thing which is worth fighting for every day. I believe that the more we listen to children, their voices and unadulterated wisdom, the better chance we give to the Good to win.”



Metodiya Chadikovski


Dr. Metodiya Chadikovski is a formal general manager of Roche Bulgaria. Currently he has an international role in Roche and with his work he helps the women with breast cancer to fight the disease. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Sheffield, UK.


“I don’t think there is something more important than my family. That’s why I am really happy there is such a foundation in support of our children. As a parent, I realize my importance in my children’s lives and I accept any care for children, who need it, to be extremely meaningful and important. It is my honor to support “For Our Children” Foundation and to contribute to their success.”


We are glad that people with sensitivity to social causes join our Board of Trustees – people who are motivated to work and for whom the rights of children are a mission, who believe that INVESTING ON TIME in children is a guarantee for success! Welcome to our team!