Petya Yanachkova with a prize “Warrior of the year” from the annual awards of Sofia municipality

By 13/12/2018News

Fight, dedication, professionalism, experience, competency, impressive results.


These are only some of the reasons why the family consultant at the Community Support Center “St. Sofia” PetyaYanachkova was nominated and was awarded in the category “Warrior of the Year” at the first “Annual awards for good practices in the field of social services”, initiated by Sofia municipality.


Petya Yanachkova has been part of the team of the CSC “St. Sofia” for 6 years and is among its most recognized, searched, and respected members. Apart from high professional competency which she continuously develops and builds up, she also has personal skills and qualities, irreplaceable at her job. These are primarily though cases of parents in conflict and biological families, emotional disorders and children behavior, etc. The full dedication to the work and her ability to create a strong, trustful connection with the clients lead to a successful result even when it looks like there is no exit and solution to the case. To protect the child, to decrease and overcome the effect of the parent alienation, in every situation and case to search for and find the right approach for its physical and psychical sustentation and its best interest, are of main value and meaning in Petya Yanachkova’s work.


Petya is particularly valuable with her expertise in assessing the capacity and the motivation of the parents who have claimed a desire for their child to be reintegrated. Until this moment, there is not a single case of a reintegrated child leaving the family, which she worked with.


As a noted and strongly anticipated expert in the adoptive field, she conducts training sessions for candidates for adopters, participates in the process of adjusting the child and the family. The families which have already adopted a child, continue to stay in touch with Petya, share their excitement with her and look for advice and support. Moreover, she participates in work groups and gives standpoints regarding programs and enactments related to the adoption process.


As part of the team of the CSC “St. Sofia”, Petya is also valued and wanted in the legislative system as a specialist with a high expertise, takes part and drafts standpoints for lawsuits which are regularly written in the Court’s decisions and are taken into account in the decisions of the panel.


With her overall work and dedication in the cause of the child’s best interest, Petya Yanachkova fully deserves to receive the title “Warrior of the year”.


“I am thankful to our clients whom I own this award to, to “For Our Children” foundation which gave me the battle filed I am fighting at, to my family which made me fighting,” shared PetyaYanachkova when received the award from Rumyana Georgieva, chief executive of Agency for Social Assistance.


Apart from this award, “For Our Children” foundation was rewarded with “Social partnership with business” for its partnership with “Citibank Europe plc”, and Mariana Taseva, leader of Foster care center, received a diploma in the category “Most involving and inspiring social service”, Kiril Kirilov, leader of Community Support Center “St. Sofia” in the category “Manager of the year”, RumyanaZlateva in the category “Voluntary cause of the year”.


For the team of “For Our Children” foundation, these awards are an extraordinary recognition and all of us are happy that Sofia municipality recognizes the need of such kind of encouragement of the people in the serving sector who, unfortunately, are often underestimated.