Improving the quality of the services and the measures for stimulation of the early childhood development in the country.



  • Research of the opportunities for professional development and work conditions of the professionals in healthcare, education and social activities in the area of early childhood development;
  • Campaign for increasing the social sensibility regarding the importance of quality care and training in the period of early childhood development;
  • Intercession activity for change of the policies regarding the work of the professionals in the period of early childhood development.


Expected results:
  • Increased social understanding of the importance of the early childhood development and the role of the competence and the knowledge of the professionals working with children and their families;
  • Stimulating the social dialogue for the improving of the policies for children in the country in their part which is regarding to the development of the workforce.

Location: Bulgaria

Duration: 16.09.2019-15.03.2021

Funding provided by: Financial Mechanism of the European economic area (FMEEA)