Project “The Path to a Family”

Period of execution: 2015 – 2018

For Our Children Foundation is working on a project „The Path to a Family”, which will allow the children from the Home for Socio-Medical Cares for Children “St. Sofia” to enjoy love and support in a family environment, and to all children and families at risk to receive a wide range of integrated socio-health services. The project is organized in a few working stages, and thanks to it all 21 babies from the Home for Socio-Medical Cares for Children “St. Sofia” will be taken out of the Home in a family or family-like environment, and the building will turn from grey and miserable into a modern Early Childhood Development Complex.


The innovative Early Childhood Development Complex will gather at one place the Community Support Center “St. Sofia” and the Foster Care Center, which are part of the building of the Home for Socio-Medical Cares for Children “St. Sofia”, and a Daily Center for children with disabilities aged 0 to 7. Except for the services offered by the first two centers, at the Daily Center the children and families at risk can benefit from an evaluation of the child`s development through screening tools, part-time care for disabled children, socializing activities for the children, trainings for the parents, assistance care for children in a home environment. At the Complex, medical specialists will provide services, as well as water rehabilitation for babies and children with disabilities and developmental delays.


With its work on the project For Our Children Foundation will help the process of deinstitutionalization and will provide equal access for all children and families at risk to completely free social and health services.


Every year, almost 1000 children in Bulgaria go to institutions. In 2015, 1552 alerts for children at risk were issued in Sofia District. The project “The Path to a Family” will help part of these children to find their foster or adoptive families and another part will receive the necessary therapy or medical support and will turn from numbers of the statistics into children with dreams living surrounded by love and support.