Period of execution: 2001 – 2005

Description: “Children’s House” is the first in the country residential alternative to life in specialized institutions. With donations from British residents, we bought a property in Komatevo neighborhood in the city of Plovdiv which, after realized repair activities, became a social service for children at risk. At the house, social services place children from 3 to 12 as the accommodation is temporary, while they find a long-term solution for the child. The service provides a place for living, equipped like a family space, with separate rooms for eating, bathing, sleeping and spending free time. The employees work for developing the independence of the children who have the opportunity to take part in food preparation, doing laundry and in all activities, common for the family. At the moment, the house is run by Plovdiv Municipality as part of the policy of “For Our children” foundation to give authority to the communities to run the services in support of their children and families on their own. “For Our Children” foundation is proud of the fact that from the beginning, not a single child from the house continued their life in a social home, after their stay there.