Period of execution: 2005 – 2007

Description: The project was implemented in partnership with Haskovo Municipality, MLSP, MES, SACP, the local association of parents of children with disabilities, “St. Paisii Hilendarski” in Haskovo and two kinder gardens (№9 and №22). We created a national model to ensure that children with special educational needs have effective access to kinder gardens and schools. This was part of our vision that the integration of children with disabilities should start from the kinder garden and continue at school, not having integration at school only. During the project, children with disabilities had access to kinder garden and school in Haskovo, with a supportive and accessible environment for the children and campaigns and trainings for changing attitudes of local people and teachers on the place of children with disabilities in society and their rights. Within the project, 20 children with different disabilities were trained at secondary schools and kinder gardens, and more than 60 children in the area entered into the classrooms for the first time.