• Determine the extent to which the early childhood development support services available in Plovdiv comply with the rights of children with developmental problems or at risk of developing such problems and the needs of their families
  • Making recommendations for optimizing the system of sectoral, integrated and specialized early childhood development support services in Plovdiv.


  • Collecting data from the relevant institutions on the needs of the children and families in Plovdiv, including their levels of social risk, and on the number and types of early childhood development support services in Plovdiv.
  • Carrying out a study to determine the available documents and other studies that can be relevant to the research questions.
  • Carrying out interviews with representatives of the Municipality of Plovdiv, the Department of Child Protection and the Regional Health Inspection.
  • Carrying out a qualitative survey among professionals working in Early Childhood Development Services.
  • Carrying out a survey among parents of children with disabilities and developmental problems.


Funding Provided By: Trust for Social Achievement

Expected Results: Analytical report on the research results and the recommendations of the research team

Location: Plovdiv city

Deadline: October 2018 – March 2019