Providing activities for development and socialisation of at least 8 children at risk who are receiving temporary residential care at the Children`s House residential service.



  • Development support activities – through an individual programme for learning and development, created for each child on the basis of an assessment of their development;
  • Social inclusion activities – through participation in community activities – theatre and music programmes, children’s parties, entertainment events, trips, picnics, visits to urban sites (zoo, circus, children’s and entertainment sites, local supermarkets), events where they can interact with other children at their age and adults, etc.
  • Information and communication activities – Regular publication of news and information texts on the progress and activities of the project in social media and the organisation’s website.;


Expected Result

  • The children participating in the programme will have improved their cognitive, psycho-emotional and social development, which is a prerequisite for their long-term development
  • Better adaptation in the family environment either in foster or adoptive family.
  • Improvement of the overall model of care at the social service Children`s House, which will have an effect on all of its future users.;
  • Improving public attitudes about the importance of development and socialisation activities in places for residential children`s social services.

Location: Sofia

Funding provided by: International Women’s Club

Duration: June 2019 – January 2020