“For our children” foundation and for “Institute for sustainable development of law” foundation start a research of the practice and normative base for encouraging early childhood education and care in Bulgaria. The research is part of a project, realized in partnership of the two organizations which goal is optimizing the national policies of early childhood development and directing the social attention towards problems connected with the quality of the services for education and care for children as well as the ways to solve them.


A legal analysis of the normative frame for early childhood development in the country and its compatibility with the norms in the European Union will be made. With the specially developed mechanism, instrument  and methodic  for civil control over the state, local work and policies in that area a research will be made in 20 children`s kindergartens in 5 locations which will determine to which point the practices are in compatibility with the existing normative frame as well as with the recommended practices on European level and is there need of change.


Considering the researches, the organizations will make a valuation of the legislation and will make proposes for change in the normative policy and ways to increase the quality. They will be presented during a workshop-seminar with employees form the state and municipality administration, during which the participants will have the chance to discuss the proposes and improve their qualification.


The made analysis and valuations of the results of the researches through the developed instrument for monitoring will be discussed on a round table in the beginning of 2020 with the participation of representors from the non-government sector, business, other representors from the civil society and state and local administrations.


“Institute for sustainable development of law” foundation and “For our children” foundation have rich experience in works in research projects as well as intercession in the area of early childhood development.


The project “Practice and normative base for early childhood development in Bulgaria” in the context of “The council recommendation of EU for high quality early childhood education and care systems” (№ BG05SFOP001-2.009-0207) is financed through the procedure “Increasing civil participation in the process formulation, implementation and monitoring of policies and legislation” through operational program “Good management”. The free finance help is valued 88 129.27 BGN and is fully ensuring the works on the project.


Duration: 15 months.