@Raya’s Art Manufactory: How to make a snail

By 28.06.2020News

This week in our column @ The Workshop of Paradise we publish a creative challenge from our intern in Early Childhood Intervention Desi Laskova.




Desi is 23 years old, graduated in “Social Activities” at Sofia University, her undergraduate practice is held in the CPC “St. Sofia ”with me, as a basic specialist. He has a desire to work with children after graduation. Hobbies – reading books, listening to music, drawing and decorative arts.




How to make a snail



Steps for making



Step 1


Cut two circles of different sizes from different hard colored paper. For the snail’s eyes, cut two identical small circles and two thin strips, if possible, from different colored paper.



Step 2


We take the circle with the smaller size and with a black pencil we draw a spiral from the inside out. Along the entire length of the spiral with another color pencil we shape the snail shell at will.



Step 3


Take the other circle and fold it into two equal parts.



Step 4


Coat half of the already made snail shell with glue and glue it to one half of the already folded in two circle.



Step 5


At one end of the already cut small strips glue the small circles prepared for the eyes of the snail. At the other end we put glue and glue them in front of the folded circle, in front of the shell. With a black pencil we draw the eyes and the smile of the snail.