@Raya’s Manufactory: How to create a homemade theatre

By 30.05.2020News

With this challenge you will stimulate the development of fine motor skills and communication skills, as well as emotional intelligence – developing knowledge and upgrading skills to recognize the emotions children experience, make sense of them, and express them adequately. The dolls can also be used for role-playing games – for the formation of social and emotional skills. By pretending to be someone else or playing theater, children are actually experimenting with different roles in life. In the plot-role games the child recreates the work-life activity of the adults, the interpersonal relationships, reveals its attitude to the world around it, to other people and to itself.



And these are the steps:



Step 1



We cut squared pieces of colored paper.



Step 2



We form a roll – we glue the two ends to each other /the size of the roll would be decided according to the finger sizes).



Step 3


We squish the upper part of the roll and glue the two parts to each other.



Step 4



With the help of a coin or a cap, we outline the head.



Step 5



We draw the face. We could draw or glue moustaches to the dad’s face, braids to the girl, etc. Let’s be create about how our family members looks like.



Step 6



We glue the heads to the squished part of the roll.



Step 7



We put the figures on our fingers.



Our homemade “Family” theatre is now ready!