What is Re:Giver?

The understanding that helping others is different than helping yourself is too narrow. People are social beings. Without “the others” our life would be unthinkable. No matter we like it or not, people are connected to each other.


The program Re:Giver for individual donation does exactly this – gives a chance for a future to others and to you – an opportunity to personally support a cause which touches everyone’s hearts and changes children’s faiths.


We believe that every day can be a day for one to make a positive change. The program Re:Giver gives everyone an opportunity to support the purest cause – our children’s happiness to be part of building a donors culture which stimulates regular individual donating.


For us, regular individual support with small sums is much more valuable than the single donation on Christmas because it helps us be more stable and effective at our work and in this way to reach more children and families in need. Through it, we are able to ensure the support children need in every stage of their development.

Become a Re:Giver! Be part of the community of friends and associates of “For Our Children” foundation! Your support helps us fulfill the dream of hundreds of children to grow in a happy family environment.


You could donate easily, quickly and conveniently online through the panel at the top of this page.


This is an easy and transparent way to monthly support our cause, which is administered directly from the accountant of your company. How?

  1. DOWNLOAD fast and easy the form HERE.
  2. FILL up the form, choosing an amount for monthly donation directly from your salary. You can choose also the period of donation.
  3. PROVIDE the form to your company`s accountant.
  4. BE INVOLVED and FOLLOW how your contribution has the power to change children`s life.

Direct Icard App donation

Donate without taxes, fast and easy, using iCard App.
Download (Google Play || App Store) or just open iCard and select “Causes”. Choose For Our Children Foundation and donate the amount you wish.

OUR Re:Givers

Re: Givers (as of 05/20/2020). Become one of them!

This incredible, socially engaged community is made up of purposeful and generous people with big hearts – just like you. They are true creators, and your place is among them!

Karina Yastreba


“I strongly believe that through my donations to The For Our Children Foundation I am part of a wonderful cause! The future people of Bulgaria deserve to know what love and joy are, they deserve to experience it so that they can one day give it to those after them. I admire the people who have accepted this cause as their profession. Keep on giving joy and support!”

Vylo Samokovliyski


“Nowadays, it is becoming more and more difficult and more important to do good, to build trust and to help. My efforts and support for the foundation do not go to waste and make me a more worthy person. It also helps me by giving me new friends, contacts, and most of all, more meaningfulness in my personal time. “

Irina Kupenska


“Donation is a one-of-a-kind act of kindness that can, with little, change a lot.”



Why are we used to the “donation season” being Christmas only ?! Children and families at risk need support every day.


Having a family is a right for every child, not a privilege. Every day at least two children in Bulgaria separate with their mom and dad and are threatened with life in an institution.


Thousands of parents are waking up with anxiety and pain because they cannot provide their children with healthy food, the necessary clothes, their favorite sports or arts.


It’s nice to receive but also to make gifts! You donate 20 BGN and you will provide additional support for one month for one child.


Help us together to make the world of children better by making donation a part of your life. It will be fun. It will make sense. It will be inspiring.


Gifts are a nice thing. They show how important we are to each other and always bring joy. Children without family do not want gifts. And for some kids, the biggest gift is having a mom and dad.