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The understanding that helping others is different from helping yourself is very narrow-minded. People are social creatures. Without “the others” our life would be unbearable. Whether we like it or not, people are interconnected.


The individual donors program Re:Giver does exactly this – it gives the others a chance for a future, while it gives all of you an opportunity to personally back up a cause that touches the hearts of all of us and changes the fate of many children.

Unfortunately, according to the popular understandings of our society, donating is a seasonal job – traditionally around Christmas, less often around Easter. Very rarely do people feel the need to help.   



But we, from For Our Children foundation believe that every day could be the day for a positive change. And we should not wait until Christmas to donate.


The Re:Giver program, part of which is also the Christmas at any time campaign, gives everybody the chance to support the purest cause of all – the happiness of our children, and to be part of the development of such a culture, that stimulates individuals to donate on a regular basis.

For us, the regular form of donations, even in small amounts, is much more valuable than the one-time-only donation in December because it helps us to become more sustainable and effective in our work and in this way – to reach more children and families in need. Through the regular donations we will manage to secure the necessary support for children at each and every step of their development.

By becoming a Re:Giver you will immediately become part of the community, comprised by friends and adherents of the foundation, with whose support we succeed in providing a happy and stable family environment for hundreds of children.

лоgо на кампанията RE:daritel

Our ambassadors

 Ana Papadopolu


Every child deserves to grow up in a secure family environment and be surrounded by love. Hard times have come for parents and it is even harder for the children these parents give up because of the inability to take care of them. As a mother, I wish that our children could be safe and sound. By becoming a Re:Giver we help children in need become successful and happy young people because we give them the opportunity to remain with their families.

 Blagoy Tsitselkov


Do you need a special occasion to show care and generosity? Help is not measured in numbers but in consistence.


All of us have the opportunity for a regular donation. Even a small amount of money, but sent on a regular basis could be the key to change.

 Georgi Toshev


It’s great to receive gifts, but it is also great to make them! Give 20 leva and you will provide additional support for a whole month to a child, placed in a foster family by “For Our Children” Foundation. Become a Re:Giver!

 Zahari Baharov


To have a family is the right of every child, not a privilege. Every day at least two children in Bulgaria separate from their mother and father and are threatened by a life in institution. Become a Re:Giver and support “For Our Children Foundation” in its cause for every child to grow loved and happy in a family!

Ioana Bukovska


Why do we got so accustomed that the “donations’ season” should be only during Christmas?! The children and families living in risk are in need of support each day. Become a Re:Giver today and help “For Our Children Foundation” to change more children’s lives for good.

Joanna Dragneva

Pop singer

Help us to make the world of children in need a better place, by making donation part of your life. It will be fun. It will be meaningful. It will be inspiring. Be a Re:Giver and become part of the givers community of “For Our Children Foundation”.

Kalin Veliov

Musician – drummer, percussionist

Every summer I have a wonderful time by the seaside…camping…caravan life, smell of the sea and breeze from the sea. We are together with the family and the little Karina runs happily and carelessly around. More than 1500 children will spend their summer behind the walls of social homes. A big part of them has never seen the sea, but I believe that they are dreaming about it. Become a Re:Giver! Donate every month and help more children feel the magic of summer.

Magdalena Maleeva

Former tennis player, businesswoman

The small but regular donations have the power to change the lives of children in need. Join the new donation program by “For Our Children Foundation” Re:Giver and see how your support makes child dreams come true.

Orlin Pavlov

Pop and jazz singer

The presents are a nice thing. They show how important we are for each other and always bring joy. Children without families don’t want presents. Become a Re:Giver and help “For Our Children Foundation” to take care for the children, for whom the biggest gift is to have mom and dad.

Sesil Karatantcheva

Tennis player

Every day I wake up thankful for having all that I need and what makes me happy. Thousands of parents wake up by the anxiety and pain of not being able to provide healthy food, clothes for their children, not to mention support for their favorite sport or arts. Become a Re:Giver and give a hand to those in need, who want to give their children the childhood that they deserve.


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