For Our Children Foundation with a research on the support services for children with developmental issues in Plovdiv

By 21/01/2019News

“For our children Foundation” and the Institute for – Bulgarian Academy of Science, as part of the project “Let it shine”, with the financial support of the “Trust for social achievement” Foundation, organized a poll amongst parents regarding the support to children with difficulties in growth and disabilities, aged up to 3, in Plovdiv.

The aim of the project is to conduct a research in the field of early childhood intervention in Plovdiv and make recommendations for improving the policies and practices related to the early childhood development in the city.


The exact number and types of services to support families in the city are unclear, as well as their scope and quality. The current study’s task is to collect a part of this missing information regarding the early childhood development services in the city. We could not achieve that objective without being familiar with the needs and points of view of parents from the city of Plovdiv which together with their children have the most direct experience with the services and could provide us with updated information about the support they receive and the difficulties along the way and also for the effective solutions that might help to get over them.


This is the reason why we are grateful to any parent who has used or is currently using the existing services and wishes to spend ten minutes to take our survey.


We will also be very grateful if you share the poll and information with other parents who may be interested. The results will help us get a real idea of the current situation in the city of Plovdiv and to make appropriate recommendations and solutions to optimize the services for children and families in the city.