Spread of three articles from the scientific journal “Early Childhood Matters 2019”


  • Information campaign through traditional and social media;
  • Three work seminars directed towards specialists, one for each article;
  • Intercession activities which goal is to present the articles and their application in the Bulgarian context before representors of the state and local authorities.
Expected results:
  • Sending the articles to 180 organizations working in the area of early childhood development;
  • Gathering of feedback from at least 60 specialists during the seminars;
  • Presenting the articles and their application for the local context before at least 10 representors of the local and state authorities;
  • At least 10 mentions of the articles in traditional media;
  • Reaching to 6000 people through social media.

The project is being done by “For our children” foundation in partnership with “For children at risk in the world” foundation.

Location: Sofia

Duration: June 2019 – November 2019

Funding provided by: “Bernard van Leer” Foundation