“Swear jar” – summer edition

This is your new friend in the office – a jar in which everyone puts a coin when they say a word related to a holiday such as “beach”; “Ailyak”; “I wish I was at the beach” and so on. Here is a list to fill in the forbidden words and phrases.

And what time where you in the office today?

Challenge a colleague who is always late for work. Challenge him for a whole week to come on time and for every day he is on time you can take a picture of him with a frame that we offer you to create under the title #OnTime. For each day he is on time,you spend a certain amount money in a suitable jar or box. And for every time he can’t come on time you double the amount!

Sea vacation from old photos

Organize a fun game in the office by asking colleagues to take old pictures of their first summer holidays. Shuffle the photos and guess who of your team is hiding behind each photo. To participate in the game you have to pay a fee – a ticket. As you recall the good old days and tell yourself stories what was Sunny Beach back then, take a small amount for every story you tell and hear, if you like.

Karaoke in the office with eternal summer hits

Summer hits will keep you in good mood all week long! In order to participate you will need to pay a fee – entrance fee. Here is a list of selected songs and a certificate for the best performing artist!

Calories are my friend

In a suitable place in your office, put a basket in which everyone donates harmful and calorie treats. Next door – donation box or a jar. When someone gets hungry – donates!

Bridge tournament

Или друга игра на карти, или игра на “Не се сърди човече” или друга бордова игра. За да участвате  трябва да заплатите такса за турнира, който може да продължи няколко дни, с цел повече колеги да се включат.

За бордовите игри заплащате такси за пионка и зар. Съберете резултата от турнира в хубава кутия или буркан. Тук ви предлагаме информационен постер за турнира.

Barbecue fiesta

Organize your own barbecue fiesta in the office! If you do not have a suitable barbecue space around the office, you can move it to Golden Bridges, Vitosha Mountain or another nice place in the nature that you like. Everyone should bring from home everything needed for the barbecue purposes. To enter the fiesta and eat delicious food you have to pay a fee!

Challenge is accepted!

Everyone has distinctive features and things in everyday life without which he can’t survive… Choose a colleague who:

-Has a long beard
-Has long hair
-Loves hers long manicure
-Cannot survive one day without coffee, etc.

Challenge your colleagues in the name of the cause to say goodbye to the long beard or manicure. Put two jars in a suitable place with “YES” and “NO”. Anyone who has an opinion on the issue (like saying yes to the challenge) puts a certain amount in one of the jars. At the end the sums are counted, and that jar, in which the sum is higher, must happen.

Summer privileges auction

Organize your own auction for office “privileges” in the summer. Example: possibility of wearing shorts or flip-flops in the office for a week; “Who did he find,” about the choice of vacation days and the option to half day leave on Fridays. Anyone who wants to participate pays a certain fee- entrance fee. Choose your auction leader – host and have fun!

Summer cinema in the office

Choose your favorite summer movie and a day you project it in your office. Everyone pays a ticket fee. If someone wants to take up seats have to pay a higher fee. Here we offer you tickets for cinema.

Why you should join



He and she…?
He is quiet and restrained, slightly tired
She is energetic, hot and full of surprises
He – that’s you, yes you, who today are in the office at your workplace
She’s the summer vacation that you’re looking forward to

Why should this love story end now and sound so sad? It should not! Find out how you can feel re-embraced by the hot waves of the vacation and promises for a lot of fun by involving your team in an unforgettable summer challenge – “Challenge the summer in the office”!

The pilot campaign of the For Our Children Foundation aims to take you to a summer vacation with your colleagues. While having fun together you can make your contribution to the most vulnerable children in Bulgaria.
In the form of 10 challenges, we are giving you the opportunity to raise funds for the foundation and at the same time to get closer as a team.

Why you should join?

Because there are children who have not seen the sea and the family holiday for them is still a distant dream. They do not know the warmth of the real home and family. With the funds raised by the campaign, we will support parents in a deadlock so they wouldn’t leave their babies.

We will place children in loving foster families and help those with disabilities to get equal opportunities for development.
Together, we will change hundreds of lives and give hope for thousands of children and families!



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