The charity concert of the children from 32nd “St. Kliment Ohridski” School attracted dozens of guests and raised 450 BGN

By 22/04/2019News

More than 450 BGN were raised by the charity concert which was organized by the children from 32nd “St. Kliment Ohridski” School one week before Easter.



The children from tenth grade, with class supervisor – Mrs. Lyubina Ivanova, together with another young talents from the choir “Bulgarian Nightingale” from “Dr. Petar Beron 1926” Community Center, with supervisors Neolina Pelova and Nadezhda Tsankova, and vocal group of students from 32nd “St. Kliment Ohridski” School with supervisor Iliyana Trayanova. All of them entertained the full of guests hall by singing popular Bulgarian and foreign songs. They also turned into different roles, and in the end finished their performance with Bulgarian traditional dance – “horo”, because as they said: “Horo is a Bulgarian dance and we are helping to the children of Bulgaria!”


This initiative is not the first time when the children from the metropolitan school are giving us a hand. It all started last year, at Christmas, when they gave up on their gifts and gave a chance to another children, deprived of maternal love, fatherly support, whose life begins with rejection, to feel the magic of the Christmas holidays.


After that, on another beloved and real Bulgarian holiday – Baba Marta, the girls and the boys invested all of their creative energy and enthusiasm in the making of more than 400 martenitzi. The unique red and white creations we gave to some of our true partners and friends in order to thank them for the trust and support.


And we reached today’s concert, through which, with the help of these amazing kids, we will help to a lot of their peers, and even younger children, to grow loved in a safe family environment.


The children from 32nd “St. Kliment Ohridski” School and others like them, are our inspiration for 27 years to fight for the right of every child to grow and to develop in a family, surrounded by love and care! They are the proof that there is no age limit for the good! It only needs a good heart!