The children from our Children`s House met Santa Claus for the first time

By 11.12.2019News

With the upcoming holidays the holiday spirit in our Children`s House is growing strong. Today the youngest babies who we support met Santa Klaus for the first time. As a reward for how nice they have been besides a picture with him they received special gifts which will remain a memory from their first Christmas.  With Christmas songs and a holiday decoration in the background  the kids had fun and ate delicious Christmas sweets made specially for them.





Santa Klaus` visit was a part of the Christmas celebration which our babysitters organized to gladden the children.  Despite the everyday care they give the children, they are trying to surround the babies with attention and special activities, which would provide them coziness and environment closest to the family one.  Our goal is from the moment the children arrive in the Children`s House up to the moment they meet their real families, they don`t stop to develop their potential and are eager to live all events and emotional moments which children the same age live.




From the beginning of 2019 our “Children`s House” has supported 12 babies, seven of them have left it in order to live loved in a family – four of them have been adopted, and three have been united with their biological mother and father.