The donors of the equipment for the sensory room visited the Center for Early Child Development in Sofia

By 23.10.2020News

On 22.10.2020 in the Foundation “For Our Children” had special guests – representatives of the donors, thanks to which the equipment in our sensory room is completely renovated and in it, our specialists give a chance to children with disabilities and developmental problems every day to do their small steps on the path of their growth.


The room is part of our Early Childhood Development Center in Sofia. For its renewal, we were helped by the Association of Family Business – Bulgaria (FBN-Bulgaria Next Generation), AbbVie Bulgaria, and Deloitte Bulgaria.


The sensory room is an extremely valuable element of the Center, as we work with children in need, who we support through all our services included in it – the two Centers for Public Support, the Center for Foster Care, the Children’s House, and the Day Center.


It is no coincidence that we call the sensory room “The Magic Room” – in it, young children with developmental disabilities or disabilities receive specialized support from our specialists to stimulate the development of their sensory systems, motor activity, cognitive processes, interaction, and communication and to develop its full potential. The room is useful for all children, but we mainly work with children with hyperactivity and attention deficit, autism, mental retardation, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, anxiety, and stress.


Raya Tsvetanova – Senior Specialist in Early Childhood Intervention, welcomed the guests from Deloitte and FBN-Bulgaria Next Generation and introduced them to the wonderful world of the room, showing them how the equipment works and how it affects children.

Multisensory devices generate various light effects, colors and moving shapes, mimic the soothing effect of water, give a feeling of vibration on the body. Through the balls and additional materials, children are given the opportunity to touch a variety of fabrics and textures that bring different sensations when touched. The box with fine sand – a natural material, provokes initiative, and creativity in the child. Sets with shapes and numbers glow in bright colors in UV light and improve cognition. The room also uses a musical background to emphasize and complement the purpose of the activity with certain sounds and melodies according to the needs of the child.


Our guests were also interested in the water tower with constantly changing colors, moving bubbles and colored fish in it, the spotlight for relaxation and concentration with oil filters in different gradient colors, the wall panel for drawing and writing with UV light through a special flashlight pen.


Raya shared her impressions of the activities with the children, adapted to their individual needs. In the sensory room, they engage and develop their senses, learn to interact with the world around them, but in a safe environment that builds their confidence and abilities. As they explore the space, parents and professionals can see what the child likes or dislikes, what calms or stimulates them. Lights, colors, sounds. Magic happens in this room. In the “Water Tower” the swimming fish creates a cheerful mood, blue light has a calming and relaxing effect, and the cosmic landscape of the spotlight can transport you to the wonderful world of imagination – a world in which young visitors to the “Magic Room” are immersed in.


The long road that needs to be taken really requires small but persistent steps taken together – a process in which FBN-Bulgaria will continue to be a loyal partner involved in the cause of the Foundation “For Our Children” – said lawyer Viktor Gugushev and Dimitar Dimitrov, FBN-Bulgaria Next Generation and Tanya Kirova – Executive Director, FBN-Bulgaria.


Their impressions were shared by the guests from Deloitte Bulgaria: “It is extremely satisfying to see that the funds donated by Deloitte employees in Bulgaria last Christmas contributed to the sensory room for working with children with disabilities become a reality – despite the challenges we all faced with the coronavirus. We appreciate Raya Tsvetanova for telling us about the small-big miracles that children experience in the room and for the progress they achieve in it step by step. Because that’s the point. We also would like to express our gratitude to For Our Children Foundation for once again giving us the opportunity to be part of the happy stories it creates. ”said Desislava Kirkova, Clients and Markets Manager, Deloitte Bulgaria.


“Thanks to you, we have the opportunity to work with modern equipment and see how children who need support are more confident, freer to communicate and open their senses to the world.” Raya Tsvetanova replied to the donors.

“Miracles only happen when we are united – professionals, parents and donors. For one, the miracle may be to climb Botev Peak, for another – to win a Mathematical Olympiad, and for a third – to learn to tie his shoes or hold a spoon. We are grateful that together we make miracles possible in the lives of dozens of children with disabilities. ”


It is extremely satisfying for the entire team of the foundation to know that there are people who see the meaning of our work, appreciate it and support it unreservedly.


Thank you, friends!