The family that fought their fears

By 03.10.2019Blog

Yana and Todor are a happy family. They get along together, they live in a small but well furnished apartment and are awaiting their first child. The little Kiril comes to this world. The birth however is caesarean in a result of which Yana receives a panic attack.  And what once looked like a dream come true becomes a nightmare. For months she is in depression. The financial condition in the family worsens because of the need of medicine for Yana and everything necessary for raising Kiril. Yana is no longer able to pay her health insurance and she has to end them. Although the hardness the mother`s condition is improved and she starts to calm down. The fate delivers another surprise – Yana is pregnant again.


Will they manage to be good parents to two children?


Will the money be enough? How will she track her pregnancy? Will there be problems with the birth giving? These are only part of the questions that are torturing the family. Strained and doubting themselves the couple turns to the expert from Community Support Center “St.Sofia” Vyara Panayotova. She immediately connects the family with SAGBAL “Sheinovo” in Sofia where for Yana a team of specialists start to look after. All necessary tests are made so that is certain that the child is healthy and is developing right. Meanwhile, Yana and Todor are materially supported with clothes, diapers and mash for Kircho. This way the family manages to collect money and Yana pays for her insurance.


Vyara Panayaotova, Social worker

Vyara` s work with Yana doesn`t end here. The experienced expert gives important emotional support to the mother, in order to disperse her fears around the upcoming birth – Yana is having serious doubts, that she might have a panic attack again. Because of this it is arranged with the doctors that in order to avoid this danger Yana will be under full anesthetic while giving birth.


Alongside this, Vyara is consulting the family in another important matter – how the both of them can be more successful in their roles as parents. She gives them guides for upbringing and introducing rules for their naughty son Kiril.


And so, the long expect day comes.


The birth goes well and a beautiful girl – Galya comes to this world.  But after Yana and Todor take the little princess home they face a new problem. Kiril becomes jealous of his little sister. He even tries to hit her when their parents aren`t watching. This makes Vyara and the team of professionals from the foundation “For our children” interfere again.  They direct their efforts towards Kiril. And they manage. The little boy gradually overcomes his jealousy ,  he stops acting aggressively and becomes strongly attached to his sister.


Yana and Todor are now feeling calm and confident in their parenting skills. Their two children grow healthy and happy in a home full of coziness and love.


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