The Little Big Battles of a Foster Family

By 03.04.2020Blog

The little Dinko comes to the world during a cold day in February 2019. However, instead of being welcomed with a warm cuddle, he is abandoned straight after he was born. The following months the little baby spend among the loneliness and isolation of the hospital room. He receives the chance to be loved and to grow happy in a family, five months after he was born, when thanks to the social workers at the Foster Care Centre of For Our Children Foundation, he is placed in the family of the professional foster mother Yuliana Uzunova.


This is the first real home for the little boy. Uzunovi family not only give him home, care and love, but due to their solid professional experience, notice that Dinko has a developmental delay as a result of the period spent in the hospital. Even though he is five months old, he cannot keep his head up, cannot turn to one side or sit, and gets tired very quickly. Tests confirm the diagnosis hypotonicity. The doctors are certain that the exit of the treatment depends on the timely diagnosis, as well as on adequate care that is being taken of the child.


That is why, straight after that, Uzunovi family start taking Dinko to rehabilitation twice a week, so his muscles can strengthen up. Shortly after this, the first positive results are apparent. The child can sit, has strength in his legs, starts holding the toys that are given to him, and switches them in his hands. He can even pull off his socks.


Apart from the physical activity, the care and attention that Yuliana and her family provide him with, significantly improve Dinko’s emotional state. He gradually starts to communicate with his eyes and also makes sounds, laughs and pronounces repetitive sounds. The never – ending games with the family’s children Peter and Mariam help his development and introduce him to the world of children.


Dinko’s condition is improving every day. He is now crawling and trying to stand up, shared Yuliana.


Good things do not end here. Six months after he was placed in the foster family, he is about to be put on the register for adoption, so he can find his real family where he will continue to receive love and care, just as in Usunovi family.


Up until that moment Yuliana and her family will continue to lead the “little-big battles” for Dinko’s physical, psychological and emotional strengthening. Thus, as his foster mum says, his new mum and dad will admire a healthy and happy child.


Yuliana Uzunova is one of the foster mothers that Four Our Children Foundation stands behind even in these difficult times, and continues to support, so that more children can live happy and lived in a real family environment. Support us so we can keep helping children and families in need. You can do it here.