The makeover of the building of the closed HMSCC St. Sofia into a modern complex of services in support of children and families has begun

By 18.10.2019News

Foundation “For our children” begun a mass repair of the building of the ex Home for Medical and Social Care for Children “St. Sofia” which from dark and gray will turn to a fresh, colorful and welcoming, filled with life, happy stories and changed destinies modern Complex of services in support of children and families.


In order to turn the building into a modern complex for early childhood development the foundation and its partners and donators invest over 1,2 million BGN. Fully for free are made and given the projects for reconstruction – from “Ivo Petrov architects”, for the interior design – from “I do advertising” , “S – consult” will for free do the building supervision. The building – repair works are done by “Mirat Group”.


The complex will carry the spirit of family,  its meaning and importance for growing, the development and forming the child as a person and the breve for a chance for a happy childhood for all children surrounded by the support, care and love for the family.


It will gather in one place the Community support center “St. Sofia”, Foster care center, a new innovative therapeutic Center for community support “Happy childhood” , which will realize programs for family consulting and therapy, early childhood intervention, pedagogic support for educational integration in school for children with specific needs and children under protection.  The new Day center for children with damages aged 0 to 7 will offer grading the child`s development through screening instruments, hourly care for children with specific needs, socializing activities for children, trainings for parents, assisted care for children in home environment. In the complex playing, sports, art therapies, services from medical specialists as well rehabilitations for babies and children with specific needs and slowing in development.


Our ambition is to create a magical place for children in early age and their families, a place of love, care and dreams.


The creation of CECD Sofia is the natural continuing of the realized from the foundation in partnership with Sofia municipality and the ministry of health-care in 2016 project “The path to the family” which had the goal to finally end the institutional raising of children in the Home for Medical and Social Care for Children “St. Sofia”. When exactly on Christmas three years ago we took out the last child from the sad, dark building, we made a wish to give her new life by turning her in a Complex for early childhood development.  Regardless of all the difficulties we came across up to this moment we are on the edge disclosing the Complex for early child development  and we are sincerely hoping to welcome the 1st of June 2020 together in the new building and with functioning new services.