The main goal of the project is to increase civic participation in the process of shaping and monitoring the implementation of early childhood policies and legislation.

To achieve the main goal, the project proposal defines the following objectives:

  • Increasing the interaction between the administration and the civil society in order to synchronize the policies and the normative base in the Republic of Bulgaria with the Council recommendation on high-quality early childhood education and care systems.
  • Open and responsible governance in designing, implementing and monitoring early childhood policies and legislation.
  • Making recommendations to improve service delivery processes, the regulatory environment, the existing legal framework and for defining cross-sectoral policies


  • analysis of the current Bulgarian legal framework in the context of European regulations
  • formulating proposals for amending the legislation,
  • Developing tools for monitoring policies and legislation for early childhood development and the implementation of civil monitoring, and piloting them in kindergartens of different types
  • conducting a workshop highlight new perspectives and to improve the qualification of state and local administration officials and professionals and the business and nongovernmental sectors
  • Holding a round table with stakeholders (including the state administration) to raise public awareness of the conclusions and results obtained and to make recommendations to the offices of the relevant public administration structures.

Expected Results

  • Analysing the ways to improve civic participation in the processes of formulation and implementation of policies and legislation in the field of early child development,
  • Evaluating existing legislation, formulating proposals for amending the legal framework and making recommendations related to improving civic participation in policy-making and legislation
  • Toolkit for civil monitoring on state policies and legislation in the field of early child development and its piloting.
  • Joint activities between NGOs, the socio-economic partners and the state administrations for the implementation of public policies and legislation in the field of early childhood development, legislation and governance
  • One round table discussion on public policies and legislation in the field of early childhood development.


The project will be carried out by the Institute for Sustainable Development of the Law Foundation in partnership with For Our Children Foundation.


Location – Sofia

Duration – July 2019 – April 2020

Funding Provided by – Operational Programme Good Governance 2014-2020