The role of game in early childhood development was discussed by the specialists from For our children foundation with their colleagues from the Netherlands

By 15.11.2019News

The two day training dedicated to early childhood intervention was organized by “For our children” foundation in partnership with the Netherlands foundation SOFT Tulip. For two days the director of SOFT Tulip Eric Bloemkolk, Anna van der Brink – early intervention manager and Cornelia Mensing – early intervention specialist, presented before specialists from the foundation and our partners –  “For children at risk in the world”, St. Dimitar Temporary Accommodation Center and Exarch Joseph Family-Friendly Accommodation Center for Children and / or Youth their experience in early childhood intervention.


The participants in the training had the chance to meet the Netherlands system for social support as well the FloorPlay method of work with children based on communication and interaction. In it the parent sits on the floor with the child and plays and interacts with the child on its level. The purpose is for adults to establish a connection with the child by meeting the child on its level of development and use its strengths to improve and stimulate different aspects necessary for the complete early childhood development.


The therapists and the parents are trying to attract the child`s attention  through activities it likes. They are trying to become part of the child`s game, to follow its rhythm and its interests, to build relationships based on trust and fun. In the frames of such relations, studying is possible and the development elements can be effectively inserted in game.


The participants had the opportunity to practice the preliminary grading of a child the so called “tree od studying” – main element in the method through which the child`s needs, the goals on which they should work, and the environment elements which can help the child develop its full potential. The participants were introduced to different techniques through which every object or activity can be made into a development game, they had the chance to demonstrate their own creativity with different toys and to share their experience.


The team from the Netherlands organization visited “For our children” foundation where they met the teams of the Community support center “St. Sofia”, Foster care center and the Children`s house and was introduced to the programs, achievements and challenges in our work for ensuring the complete development of the youngest children in the family.



The visit of our colleagues from SOFT Tulip and the training are in the frames of the project carried out by “For our children” foundation and SOFT  Tulip foundation financed by the international association “Step by step” –  ISSA  “Quality services for the most vulnerable children – exchange of good practices” for ensuring of quality and integration services for children in an early age and their families.


“For our children” foundation enounces its gratefulness to Sofia municipality in the face of Mrs. Vyara Petrova – director of “Integration of People with Disabilities, Programs and Projects” for the given chance to use for free one of the halls of OIK Krasno selo and to Mr. Stefan Stefanov director of OIK Krasno selo and his team who made the event possible.