The sun rose for Victor

By 10.07.2020Blog


Victor was still an infant child when they brought him to us. I still remember that day as if it was yesterday… All of a sudden, the door rang and when I openned it, my eyes teared up. A police officer with a baby in his hands was standing right in front of me. At this moment, my heart stopped. I told myself: “Another tough fate…” Of course, I took the child and wished for it to be very happy.



Fate had put him through a difficult path. While changing him, the sight was horrible: he was so skinny, underfed, dirty, with a crushed finger, with scars on his head and with a major hernia. But enough with the bad, because the sun rose for Vicki as soon as he stepped into the Children’s House!!



Those big and beautiful eyes! One could see only strength and amazing spirit in them. The spark between us happened immediately. I surrounded him with all the love I had. And this is how his new path began. He overcame all of his health issues, made his first steps, and said his first words. He was growing up with beautiful eyes and lush hair, he was kind and careful to all the other children in the house.



One lovely day, the great news came. Victor had his own mom and dad, and not only! He also got a brother and a sister that day. Tell me, what could be better than having your very own family and knowing you matter to someone, and you will be loved and spoiled with all the attention?



“The sun rose for me” – that is the name of Victor’s fairytale. A fairytale with a happy ending. While I’m writing this story, I cannot hold my tears of joy. Because our little Victor found his happiness!



I love you, Vicki – you will always be in my heart!



Cornelia Donova

Babysitter in the Children’s House