Therapeutic Fairytale: Toshko and the Coronavirus

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Hello, dear children and parents!


Fear is a natural emotion. There is probably no child or adult who does not feel fear to some extent. The current situation of a coronavirus pandemic creates additional fears to all of us. However, the most vulnerable, due to their immature psyche, are children.


Therefore, we decided to propose to you ideas about fairytales and games which could help your children overcome the fears related to coronavirus, if they have such.


The fairytale helps them to realize that other children, similarly to the main character Toshko, feel fear, as well as to learn more about the “weapons” against is, to get to know the way in which Toshko successfully overcomes his fear.


We hope that our proposal for a fairytale will be liked and you will try them with your children at home. We know that there is nothing more comforting for children than the conversation with their parents.


We recommend that parents familiarize with the fairytale before they propose it to their children. It is not a universal solution but only a way to approach children’s fear. If you think that there is something that could have a negative influence on your child, please do not use it!



Therapeutic fairytale

against children’s fear of coronavirus


Toshko and the coronavirus


The boy we are going to tell you about is called Toshko. He is 7 years old and studies in first grade.


However, for some time Toshko has not been going to school and stayed home because his mum said that there is a terrible CORONAVIRUS outside. Toshko knew that it was not dangerous for children but while hearing all those terrifying stories about it from the adults and the TV, he was afraid. And what happens to all the children when they are afraid, happened to Toshko as well. He started thinking that coronavirus will come to their house too. His heart used to start beating very fast whenever he thought he saw the virus at the window.


Therefore, one night he did not want to go to bed. He was staying on the carpet in his room. Instead of playing with the toys, he was looking through the window. His mum noticed this and sat next to him.

–         What is wrong, Toshko?  You seem worried. – said she.

–         Yes, because I am afraid that coronavirus will come through the window and hurt us. – replied Toshko

–         So, you fear the coronavirus! But do you know what he fears? – asked Mum.

–         Is he also afraid? – asked Toshko – I did not know that scary viruses are also afraid of something – said he while smiling.

–         Of course! And do you know what they fear? Normal soap and water that we use to wash our hands every day, as well as a normal disinfectant from the shop. The coronavirus disappears when you cover him with them. Now doctors recommend washing our hands often and use disinfectant on them, as well as on everything else at home.


Toshko taught about it. He knew that there are weapons against coronavirus at his home. In order for him to go to sleep calmly, he and his mum made a spray against coronavirus – so that he can use it against coronavirus if he comes through the window. They also made a JAIL which they filled with a lot of water and soap, which surely cannot be escaped by the virus. Thus, armed with his new weapons, Toshko fell asleep.

And good job he did, because that very night coronavirus came to Toshko’s sleep.

However, he now knew what to do – he immediately grabbed his spray and sprayed it against it. The virus swung and fell into the jail, which he could not escape.


Done! The virus lost – taught Toshko and wiped his forehead with his hand because he had started sweating due to the difficult battle. Then he decided to leave this nightmare and started dreaming about another thing – much nicer than this one – he thought about how the day after, he will be helping his mum and dad in the garden.


In the morning, Toshko woke up happy. He had won against the coronavirus and was in a hurry to share it with his mum. Once she heard, she hugged him, kissed him, and congratulated him for his courage: “Well done, my brave boy!”


Expect our proposals for games against coronavirus soon. They will give you additional creative ideas about how to overcome the fear of coronavirus.



Tsvetelina  Ganeva

Early childhood development expert

Community Support Center “For children and parents”

Kamelia Kovacheva, psychologist


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